ICA Commission Meeting Karlsruhe
1 received NEUMANN, Andreas Switzerland Interactive Topographic Webmaps using SVG
2 received BRODERSEN, Lars Danmark Modelling Internet-Maps - Method, Production and Assessment
3 received FAIRBAIRN, David UK Using the Internet to deliver customisable map-based educational experiences
4 received FRECKMANN, Peter Germany Geo-Marketing and Internet Mapping - Requirements and Map Solutions
5 received SCHNABEL, Olaf Germany Conception for an online- National Atlas of Germany
6 received CAMMACK, Rex USA Cartography, Virtual Reality, and the Internet: Integrating Abstract Models of the Environment Via the Internet
7 received SCHARLACH, Holger Germany Hearing Spatial Information - Audiovisual Maps on the Internet
8 received NICHERSU Iulian Romania Web Integrated Cartographic Sytem for ecological Network of lower danube green corridor
9 received MATTHIAS, Ekkehard Germany asGeoInfo.online
10 received MEDYCKYJ-SCOTT, David UK EDINA Digimap: A virtual map library for the UK tertiary education community
11 received PETERSON, Michael USA Theory and Development of Research in Maps and the Internet
12 received GAUTHIER, Majella Quebec Making Maps is useful but sometimes dangerous: The Experience of the atlas electronique du Saguenay-lac-saint-jean in canada
13 received CRAMERS, Matthias Sweden Swedish webatlas goes interactive
14 received ANDRIENKO, Genadi Germany New developments in CommonGIS - open Internet mapping toolkit
15 received BULENS, Jandirk Netherlands User-specific Spatial Soil Quality Meta-information Mapped on the Internet.
16 received IVERSEN, Sverre Norway Latest achievement from the Geological Survey of Norway - Web Standards fulfil a Norwegian distributed 'wine bar' - for free?
17 received FRIEDRICH & NOTHEGGER Austria WAP-Service Vienna
18 received LEHTO, Lasse Finland The GiMoDig Project – Overview and System Architecture
19 received van ELZAKKER, Corne Netherlands Dissemination of Census and other statistical data through Web maps
20 received GARTNER Georg Austria Maps and the Mobile Internet
21 received WINTGES, Theodor Germany Cartographic Design for PDA's
22 received LIGTENBERG, Arend Netherlands Maps without wires
23 received HAMPE, Mark Germany Real-time integration and generalization of geodata for mobile applications
23 announced CARTWRIGHT, William Australia