Lecture notes for Ireland trip: a global perspective on the Caledonides

Can sometimes divide the geology of an area into:

For the northern half of Ireland the basement rocks gained their character in the Caledonide orogeny. I will leave elucidation of the specifics of the Ireland Caledonides to Mark Gutchewsky (are resident expert), and to your reading, and to the field trip itself. What I hope to do here is provide a bit of a global framework for understanding the Caledonides.

Caledonides = extensive and long mountain belt that is part of assembly of Pangea super continent primarily from Ordovician through Silurian times. It can be found in the following areas:

Players involved:

Types of events involved:

General structural style and elements:

Devonian basins:

Continental stability followed with deposition of platform cover sequence.

See very similar history in Svalbard.


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