Figure 1 for Fault Motion Along the Eastern Margin of the Forlandsundet graben, Sarstangen, Svalbard, Maher, 1998.

Figure 1a: Outline of Svalbard with an inset geologic map showing the position of the Forlandsundet graben (F). Associated Tertiary strata are exposed on the main island of Spitsbergen, and on the east coast of Prins Karls Foreland (the elongate island to the west).The small blue inset box shows the position of Figure 1b. Platform cover to the east are deformed by folding and thrusting, with two thrust fronts shows as dark lines.

Fig. 1b: Geologic map of the Sarstangen-Dahltoppen-Kapp Graarud area. D marks Dahltoppen. Modified from Ohta and others, 1995.

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