The Nebraska Geological Society

The Nebraska Geological Society is a professional society organized to promote geology in the state of Nebraska and to encourage fellowship among professional geologists working in the state in industry, government, and academia. We are a member society of the AAPG represented in the Mid-Continent section. (bylaws)

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  • Nebraska Geological Society Day in Nebraska - On Feruary 20th 2008, Governor Dave Heineman issued a proclamation designating February 21st 2008 as Nebraska Geological Society Day in recognition of 40 years of active service to Geology in the state.

    Current officers of the Nebraska Geological Society are:

    President - Jon Gross, RDG

    Vice President - Ted Huscher, Nebraska DEQ

    Secretary - Kris LeVier, RDG

    Treasurer - George F. Engelmann, Dept. of Geography & Geology, Univ. of Nebraska - Omaha, Omaha, NE 68182

    Member at large - Deb Meyers, Nebraska DEQ

    Membership in the Nebraska Geological Society:

    Applications for membership in the society should be completed, including the signatures of three members in good standing, and submitted to the secretary. Annual dues for professional members are $20. Undergraduate and graduate students may join as student members with verification from a supervising professor. Student membership dues are $5.


    The primary regular activity of the society is bimonthly meetings held throughout the academic year. Meetings consist of a dinner followed by a business meeting and a presentation on a topic of professional interest to geologists. Notice of meetings is distributed with the newsletter to members. Guests are welcome to attend. The current year's regularly scheduled meetings began in Fall of 2008

    Scholarships & Awards:

    The society regularly sponsors 2 types of scholarships and awards each year.

    The Yatkola-Edwards Grants are awarded to graduate and undrgraduate students conducting research on the geology of Nebraska. It is named in memory of two students, Dan Yatkola and Paul Edwards, who died in an accident in 1976 while pursuing their graduate studies in Geology at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Applications for the Yatkola-Edwards Grant should be sent to:

    Jim Swinehart

    Conservation & Survey Division

    Nebraska Hall. University of Nebraska - Lincoln

    Lincoln, NE

    The society usually presents an award for the best student paper in Geology at the Nebraska Academy of Science annual meeting in April.


    UNL Department of Geosciences

    University of Nebraska State Museum

    Conservation & Survey Division

    Nesen (Nebraska Earth Science Education Network)

    UNO Department of Geography & Geology

    The Nebraska State Board of Geologists


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