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Graphic Communication

15 reasons why you need to learn how to convey information through graphics.

•  Because you probably never have had a course about graphics.

•  Because our educational system doesn't emphasize graphic communication.

•  3-Rs don't include graphics

•  You know how to use MS Word better than Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

•  Most of your PowerPoint presentations consist of text.

•  Because you can't figure out why PowerPoint graphics don't print well.

•  You know that graphics are an effective form of communication but you don't think you have a “graphic sense” to design them.

•  Because you think you don't have time to learn those graphic programs.

•  Because you think that somebody else can add the graphics later.

•  But you know that you can't convey to another person in words what you want to express in a graphic.

•  You don't want to be dependent on others for graphics.

•  You have to make data understandable.

•  and, you have a lot of data.

•  You know that representing data graphically can be very meaningful.

•  But you don't know how to make meaningful graphics.

•  You know that you can't “get by” with reports that consist only of text.

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